(Un)Successful Blogging Strategies

I have read — time and time again — that in order to have a “successful” blog, it is imperative to pick a subject to write about and stick to it… but what if you have near-crippling ADHD and don’t have enough interest in anything to write about it on a regular basis?

In the past, when these thoughts start to creep up on me (and they always do), I have deleted all of the content on my blog and started over, attempting to force myself into the traditional blogging mold. But many, many blogs later, I have embraced the fact that trying to fit my square-peg self into a “more successful” round hole is a hopeless endeavor.

I suppose the simplest solution to this problem would be to write multiple blogs, each with its own subject; but I have tried this as well, and it never works out. One, I don’t have the financial capital to pay for half a dozen domain names and WordPress plans. Two, I don’t write enough about any single subject to capture the valuable time of readers on those blogs. When I’m running more than one, I just end up with a singular-subject post maybe once every couple of months, instead of a more regularly updated posting regimen.

So what to do, then?

I’m thinking that the easiest thing for me to do (as a frenetic, non-focused-subject writer) is to be more specific with my categories, and more tuned in to the subjects of specific posts. Thus far, I have a written a lot about how Borderline Personality Disorder affects me and my marriage, my struggles with a food addiction, my experience in twelve-step programs, and reading. But I’ve also noticed, that I rarely stick to just one of these subjects in any particular post… and that might be a problem.

If readers are only interested in one of these topics, they sometimes have to read through a whole lot of other stuff in a post before coming to the writing that truly interests them; and I can imagine that might be frustrating. Personally, I don’t mind this kind of reading. If the writing is good, I’ll read just about anything on varying subject matters (even in a single post). Good writing makes for good reading, in my opinion… but if you go off of the dashboard statistics, it doesn’t make for successful blogging.

Gaining followers is a slow process for any new blog, but it seems to crawl to a standstill when your content is as all over the map as mine happens to be. Readership and likes on posts are not consistent, and comments are even less so.

As a writer, however, I cannot be anything more or less than who I am. Attempting to do so just makes for an angry, frustrated blogger who can’t sit down to write. And if I’m not writing, there’s nothing for anybody to read.

So instead of deleting everything and starting over, I’m going to revisit the posts that are already here. I’m going to try and edit them a bit — making each post more subject-focused, updating categories and tags, and creating a menu that’s easier to navigate (one that will hopefully allow my readers to easily follow the threads that interest them). Generally, I’m going to try to be a “more successful” blogger, without compromising my own identity as a writer.

What has your blogging experience been like, Dear Reader? How do you measure your own success? What do you look for as a reader? Any feedback and/or tips in this regard would be most welcomed and greatly appreciated.

5 thoughts on “(Un)Successful Blogging Strategies

  1. Having a niche is not as important as people make it seem. And especially on WordPress, I feel the blogger’s brand or identity matters more than what subject they’re writing on, because if they write well, I really don’t care what the topic is about—unless of course, like Ashley said, if the topic doesn’t interest me, like politics or religion.

    Anyway, wishing you great things on your journey. Hope you find your path soon!

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    • Thank you so much, Stuart! I appreciate you taking the time to read and then comment. I see that you write about writing, so I will be following your content. I hope that you visit again soon! 😉


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