In Need of Visual Writing Prompts

While some writers have a gift that allows them to use written prompts for writing practice, others are more visually oriented — and I am definitely one of the the latter. Since I am very interested in returning to my creative writing endeavors over the summer break from my university studies (in addition to continuing along with my more diary-oriented, traditional blog entries), I am asking for your help, Dear Reader.

If you would be so kind as to post a photo or image in the comments section of this post, I will get busy writing (and will link to your blog as the person who gifted me with inspiration)!

6 thoughts on “In Need of Visual Writing Prompts

  1. *Gasp!* That’s beautiful… and immediately brings to mind the gorgeous body of Jason Momoa in his Aquaman attire. (Too bad the man is as dumb as a rock, LOL!) I will get started on this right away! Thank you so much, Ms. Ashley! 😘

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