Hiking My Way to Kevin McCallister

Okay folks, I’ll be honest. The last time I attempted to really do anything about my weight was on April 30th. Things happened, and I just fizzled my way out of my hiking commitment… but I’m seriously trying to return to said beneficial habit.

Resisting the Urge to Make Excuses

Yesterday morning, I was somewhat mysteriously awake by five a.m. I got up, wrote for a bit, and then thought, “Hmmm… it’s now 6:30 a.m. It’s probably too warm for hiking at this point.”

I checked the weather app on my phone, secretly hoping that the temperature had managed to climb above 75°. I hit the refresh button on the temp, and found it was only 60°; so there was no excuse for not getting off my butt and hitting the trail (though I assure you, I was busy coming up with a hundred more that sounded valid).

I drug my feet getting ready — braided my hair, brushed my teeth, sprayed on some sunscreen, got dressed, charged my phone/headphones, and brushed my eyebrows. (I’m obsessed with always having them in place. Don’t ask me why, because I couldn’t tell you.) Checked the weather app again, thinking, “Surely, it got too hot over the hour it took me to get ready.” Nope! 65°. Son of a bitch! 😂

So I got in my car (after realizing that I’d left my keys at the vape shop the day before… had to take Mitch’s keys), and drove across town to my favorite spot. Fifty-six minutes and seventeen seconds later, I’d managed to stomp out 2.93 miles.

Poorly-Planned, but Appreciated Gestures

I got back in the Civic, stopped by my brother’s place to make sure everything was still clean and secure, and then headed down south to the vape shop. I arrived at about 9:20 a.m. only to find that they didn’t open until 10. Well, shit! (I’m not usually up and about that early, so I had no idea that they opened at such a late hour.)

I decided that in order to kill time, I’d run over to Office Max and grab the wide-ruled composition books and wide-tipped pens that I needed. I’d been putting it off for weeks, and it seemed the universe was telling me it was about time I got around to purchasing them. After dealing with a very disgruntled cashier (Kill ’em with kindness, I say!), I returned to the driver’s seat. The clock on my dash told me it was now 9:40 a.m. Sigh.

I was playing with Mitch’s keyring, and realized that I didn’t have a key to the new truck. Since Mitch and I have both managed to lock ourselves out of our vehicles — and Home Depot was a hop, skip and a jump away — I decided to have a key made, so that I could rescue my husband if and when he needed rescuing.

Waltzing through the hardware aisles, I remembered that Mitch had mentioned that he needed drain cleaner (to release the shower drain from the curse of my long-haired wookiee-ness), so I grabbed that as well. Then I remembered that my husband had been complaining about the dorms at the summit being too warm for sleep; so I picked up a box fan too. 9:59 a.m. Sweet!

I returned to the vape shop to find half a dozen customers crowded around the door. The proprietor didn’t arrive until 10:15, and since everyone else seemed grumpy and in an extreme hurry, I politely waited until the store had cleared out. Ms. Eva laughed when she looked up and saw me and said, “I knew these keys were yours.” Mission accomplished.

I returned home to find Mitchell and Tocho awake, and chillin’ on the couch. I showed my husband all of the things I had picked up at Home Depot all by myself! He gave me a broad, but rueful smile and said, “Babe. I have an extra key for you, and I bought a fan last week. But that was really sweet of you!”

I was a bit bummed at my poorly planned idealism, but also happy that I’d made my husband smile.

Play it Again, Allie

This morning, I rolled over around six and noticed the soft light of late-dawn peeking though the upper slits of our blackout curtains. I sprang out of bed, and got ready to hit the trail — excited that I’d managed to wake in time for another hike.

I drove back to my favorite spot, and fifty-six minutes and fifty-three seconds later I had accomplished a 3.05 mile stomp through the desert.

On my way back, I remembered a couple of things that we needed — soda, sports drinks, Kleenex, Swiffer mop pads, hydrogen peroxide, shampoo, etcetera. Normally, I would just drive home, park myself in the recliner, and ask Mitchell to shop at his leisure; but I felt energized enough to do the shopping myself.

The house was quiet when I opened the door, so I knew that Mitchell and Tocho were still snugged up in bed. I brought in the groceries, cleaned out the pantry a bit, and put everything away. Then I took a long, hot shower. (I don’t know why, but showers that involve tasting the salt of your sweat wash away feel so much better than other showers. It’s empowering to know that you’ve earned that shower.)

My two fuzzy companions (the human and the four-legged one) just woke up and are starting their daily routines. My husband hasn’t been in the kitchen yet; but I know that when he opens up the pantry, he’ll be pleasantly surprised.

As for me? I feel as proud as Kevin McCallister in the first “Home Alone” movie, when his face lights up with a big goofy smile and he proclaims to his family, “I bought some milk, eggs, and fabric softener.”

It may not seem like a lot to some of you, but since I’m usually as adept as Kevin on his first foray to the grocery store (see GIF above), I’m going to celebrate the smaller “milk, eggs, and fabric softener” wins. Now, I just have to keep the momentum going!

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