Progress, Not Perfection

Weight Loss Endeavors No. 4

After receiving the text message from my husband yesterday morning, I really didn’t feel like working out. Instead, I wanted to wallow in my grief and sorrow… but I recognized this feeling as the first step towards self-sabotage, and got off my duff and hit the gym anyway.

And you know what? After my workout, I was able to re-evaluate my husband’s point-of-view. He’s been here at home — every day — for five weeks. Returning to a regular work week after that has got to be hard (especially when you work twelve-hour days); and I imagine he’s going to be far more exhausted than he’s willing to share (Mitch is a very stoic person, and finds it difficult to share his troubles with me).

So I’m not going to see his message as an eternal excuse towards total abdication, but rather a subtle indication of how hard this transition is going to be for him… and will continue on my own journey towards a healthier me, until he finds the strength and peace of mind to join me again (and I have faith that he will).

Week in Review (As Promised)

Weigh-In History Thus Far

Friday, June 17th: 262 lbs
Monday, July 11th: 264 lbs (Gain occurred after my battle with COVID. πŸ₯΄ )
Monday, July 18th: 262.6 lbs (Loss! Woo-hoo! ✨)

Workout Review

When I warm-up at the gym — or spend my time on cardio only — I start on the recumbent bike (which I list here as “bike”), and then move on to the treadmill.

If Mitch and I are lifting, we warm-up for ten to fifteen minutes before moving on to the weight machines. We are not, at this time, lifting free weights. Typically we practice a four-day cycle.

Day one: Upper body
Day two: Lower body
Day three: Core
Day four: Cardio and/or rest

Monday, July 11th

This was my first day back, after a sixteen-day battle with COVID. I was excited to return to my workout routine; but Mitch still had a residual cough, and decided to sit this one out (which I completely understood).

I was discouraged by the weight I’d gained, but decided to shake it off and keep moving my feet.

Bike: 30 min 6.37 miles 191 calories burned
Treadmill: 35 min (“Hills” workout Level 3 at 3 mph) 1.68 miles 253 calories burned

Tuesday, July 12th

Mitch was feeling up to a work-out. This was his first day back after a stint with COVID.

Bike: 10 min 2.81 miles 108 calories burned
Weight Lifting: Upper body 55 min
Treadmill: 35 min (“Hills” workout Level 2 at 3 mph) 1.68 miles 247 calories burned

Wednesday, July 13th

Mitch was with me on this one.

Bike: 10 min 2.9 miles 110 calories burned
Weight Lifting: Lower body 50 min
Treadmill: 35 min (“Hills” workout Level 2 at 3 mph) 1.68 miles 248 calories burned

Thursday, July 14th

I chose to let a sullen mood (and poor attitude) win over my desire to workout. Mitch was willing to go; I was not… so neither of us went. (Our membership is in my name, and allows me to take a guest… because of this, Mitch cannot go without me.) Bad, Cassie! 😜

Friday, July 15th

Mitch was with me on this one.

Bike: 15 min 3.09 miles 108 calories burned
Weight Lifting: Core 45 min

For whatever reason, the core workout was difficult as all hell on this particular day (perhaps from the lingering effects of COVID… one of which is utter exhaustion). Mitch and I hit a wall after completing it, and chose not to attempt our second round of cardio. (We also decided that our late-night run to Dairy Queen the evening before may have played a role in this, and vowed not to do it again.)

Saturday, July 16th

Mitch was with me on this one.

Bike: 15 min 3.07 miles 112 calories burned
Weight Lifting: Upper body 50 min
Treadmill: 35 min (“Hills” workout Level 2 at 3 mph) 1.71 miles 251 calories burned

Sunday, July 17th

Mitch and I got into a fight in the parking lot, and ultimately did not enter the gym.

Monday, July 18th

Mitch returned to his five-day/12 hours per day work week, and opted not to hit the gym after work as he adjusts back to this schedule.

Bike: 30 min 5.88 miles 208 calories burned
Treadmill: 35 min (“Hills workout Level 2 at 3 mph) 1.71 miles 250 calories burned

Food in Review

Mitch and I ate out several times this past week. I didn’t keep track of when and/or where we got our food from; but I intend to work harder at both eating more than once per day and making healthier choices when I do.

Goals for the Week Ahead

I intend to hit the gym every day this week. I have not — to date — attempted any weight-lifting without Mitchell by my side; but I hope to change that in the days ahead. He has taught me what to do; and though I am terribly self-conscious about lifting on my own, I know that I am capable of it (if I can just summon the bravery to do so).

I hope to eat out less this week; but this could prove difficult, as Mitchell is in charge of making dinner (because the kitchen is his domain, and he has left it in “disaster zone” status). With his long workdays — and the adjustment back to a regular schedule — I am willing to allow us some leeway here, just for this week.

I have also been able to curb my late-night binge-eating, but not quite as much as I’d hoped to. This is an area that I will continue to focus on… remembering how great it felt to weigh-in yesterday under last week’s record.

Here’s to the week ahead, and summoning the bravery and courage to reach my goals!

13 thoughts on “Progress, Not Perfection

    • Girl, it’s a struggle. Most days, I’d rather give in to F*ck It Hamster, and just chill in the house; but I’m trying to be better than that negative lil’ furball sometimes allows. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


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